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Valentine's Day Gift Box
Demoiselle Vranken & Princess Galette


Champagne Vranken Pommery & Princess Galette


Chocolate or Pink Pralines ?

You can choose between Chocolate or a “ Pralines Roses” from Lyon Galette. ( The Galette is for 2 people , 6 inch )

  • Princess Chocolate is filled with a rich almond paste flavored with organic cocoa powder & nibs from Ecuador.

  • Princess Pink Pralines is sweet, tender, and slightly crunchy.

Champagne !

Each Princess Galette is paired with two quart bottles of Demoiselle champagne by Vranken. You choose between the Demoiselle Brut Rosé, with its light aromas of berries, its beautiful & soft salmon-pink bubbles. Or select the lively tenderness and freshness of a Chardonnay-based Demoiselle Tête de Cuvée.

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