Valentine's Day Collaboration Gift Box
Demoiselle Vranken, Princess Galette, Lilidelac Bijoux

An 8" Princess Galette comes in a red box filled with surprises I found at my friends from 

Champagne Vranken Pommery & Lilidelac Bijoux


Chocolate or Pink Pralines?

The flavors first. You can choose between Chocolate, a symbol of love & strength, or the sweetness of

“les Pralines Roses” from Lyon, France, the pink pralines.

  • Princess Chocolate is filled with a rich almond paste flavored with organic cocoa powder & nibs from Ecuador.

  • Princess Pink Pralines is sweet, tender, and slightly crunchy.

Champagne, the elixir of love

Each Princess Galette is paired with two quart bottles of Demoiselle champagne by Vranken, my favorite. You choose between the Demoiselle Brut Rosé, with its light aromas of berries, its beautiful & soft salmon-pink bubbles. Or select the lively tenderness and freshness of a Chardonnay-based Demoiselle Tête de Cuvée.


Jewelry is in the air, creation of lilidelac bijoux.

More precisely, in the red box along with the Princess Galette and Demoiselle Champagne. Which one will you offer to your loved one: 

  • The love bracelet, a heart connecting a satin cord of color is there to protect you, encourage you & make you smile. Choose between 14k solid gold or sterling silver.

  • The Mon Coeur Précieux, your heart at the end of a necklace to touch your Valentine’s heart every day. Choose between 14k solid gold or sterling silver.

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