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Cuis'in offers exclusive catering services for private events and cocktail parties small or large. We also offer drop-offs: order with us, we'll drop it off for your event!

 Every menu features organic and all natural ingredients, carefully crafted around your needs and taste for a truly unforgettable experience.

We have added new hors d'oeuvres to our menus. Enjoy discovering them !

Cocktail parties & Private events: Service


Coconut Shrimp on skewer 

Mini fish taco, mango salsa & guacamole 

Chicken curry in mini curry cup 

Spinach biscuit & Salmon  NEW

Mini French onion soup boule 

Tomato mozzarella in mini basil basket 

Spinach bite NEW
Mini Truffle mac & cheese cups
Wasabi Shrimp avocado on rice cracker   

Petit moelleux a la Tapenade NEW
Feta & black olive salad in mini tomato basket 
Salmon Rillettes and Ginger confit 
Mini Croque Monsieur
Mini Beef & Scallion slider
Mini quiches assortment 

Tuna salad, sesame seeds in Cucumber cup NEW
Tuna tartare, in mini sesame cone

Fig & Goat cheese phyllo stars 

Cheese Gougères 

 Shrimp & Butternut bites NEW

Mini St.Nectaire soufflé NEW

Lentil mousse & bacon on crostini NEW

Rainbow Carot mille feuilles NEW

Spinach & Swiss cheese curls NEW

Minted Goat cheese fleurs de Courgette  NEW



 Raspberry mousse in mini chocolate tart 
Chocolate mousse in mini vanilla cone
Assortment of Macarons 

Cassis mousse in mini Vanilla cone NEW

Vanilla mousse in raspberry cup NEW
Assortment of mini Eclairs

Mini Black Forest pops NEW 

Assortment of Petit fours 

Assortment of mini Doughnuts NEW

Creme de Marrons in mini Choco cone NEW

Cocktail parties & Private events: Product
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